Russian Treasures

“It’s an Argentine tango,” said Klim. “You should stand closer to me.”
“Like this?” Nina looked into his eyes for a moment, moved closer, and Klim felt her light breath on his neck.
“Yes, that’s right.” He placed her hand on his shoulder and took her gently by the waist.
“So, what do I have to do?” she asked.
“Just follow me.”
They danced, and he felt the hard touch of the rings on her slender hand, the warmth of her thigh through the silk of her skirts, the tense muscles of her back, and something else: the intimate seam of a shift beneath her dress under his shameless, tingling fingers.
The singer sang about impossible happiness. Klim looked at the woman in his arms, and his heart froze with the inspiration and foreboding of something huge and inevitable.


In the summer of 1917, few people realize that Russia is on the verge of an unprecedented catastrophe. Trade continues to boom in its colorful cities, couples tango in ballrooms, and grand mansions of nobility stand untouched, quiet and poetic. Yet within three months, the Bolshevik revolution will tear the Russian Empire apart.

Klim Rogov returns from abroad and senses that a storm is coming—his journalist’s instincts never let him down. His plan is to claim his inheritance and return to Buenos Aires where his successful career, fame, and fans await.

Upon setting foot in his deceased father’s house, Klim runs into an uninvited guest. Passionate, strong-willed, and fearless, Nina Odintsova dazzles him. Despite her odds, she has managed to run a successful business and keep her family afloat. Now she is about to lose everything in the flames of the Bolshevik revolution.

Klim knows that if he stays in Russia, he will pay a terrible price. But he cannot desert the woman he now loves, and he makes the decision to remain in the Land of the Soviets where he will fight for their lives amidst the bloody clashes between the Red Army and the White Guard.

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Russian Treasures is a story of impossible love, insane courage, and the most difficult choices a person could ever make.

Inspired by the true events, the novel illuminates the complex reasons for the October Revolution of 1917 and introduces the reader to a fascinating yet eerie world of the nascent communist dictatorship.


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