The Prince of the Soviets

Nina followed Oscar through a succession of rooms, and she was barely able to believe her eyes. Here, in the heart of communist Moscow, was a veritable oasis of capitalism. Every chair and every vase was a work of art.

What is Oscar Reich’s line of work? she wondered. Was he a foreign diplomat? How could the Soviet government allow him to live in such dazzling splendor?

She could not resist asking a question. “Tell me, who are you? What do you do?”

“I’m a Red capitalist,” answered Oscar, smiling.


1927. Klim Rogov, a famous anchorman for a British radio station, never expected to become a Soviet aristocrat, but the position of a United Press correspondent in Moscow takes him to the very top. However, Klim doesn’t care about the lifestyle unimaginable for the common Russian citizen. He arrived in the USSR on a secret mission of his own—he must find his wife, Nina, who was abducted by Bolshevik agents.

With the advent of Joseph Stalin to power, the Soviet Union begins to turn into a monstrous totalitarian state eager to enslave its own people and consume neighboring countries. Very soon, Klim realizes that the only way for him to safely navigate through the menacing game of Soviet politics is to play according to the rules and ignore the horrors happening right in front of him. If he won’t keep his eyes and mouth shut, he will face espionage charges fabricated by Stalin’s secret service and squander Nina’s only chance for survival.

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The Prince of the Soviets provides readers with a bigger picture that explains the rise of the communist regime and also gives a rare glimpse into the inner world of the Soviet people—those who ruled and those who were destined to submit, the producers of propaganda and its victims.


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