The Inspirer and the Angel

Klim was superior to her in every way. He had numerous friends—from stage workers to riverboat pilots. He had read Anna Karenina and Vanity Fair, books that Lubochka was not even allowed to hold in her hands for fear that their dubious subject matter would contaminate her morals.

Klim could explore ancient ruins, talk to gypsy fortune tellers, or ride the top of a double-decker while Lubochka was not allowed to do anything. Her parents loved her so much that they did not let her go anywhere without her governess. And how would it even be possible to bring Mademoiselle Emma to any ancient ruins with her shortness of breath?


Klim Rogov, the sole heir to the fortune of a noble family, has disappeared without a trace on the 21st of April, 1907.
His father has announced a reward for any information about his son; Russia’s finest detectives have tried to track Klim down but to no avail.
Only Klim’s fifteen-year-old cousin, Lubochka, has any idea of what has happened, but she is keeping silent. There is little point in trying to explain to adults the nature of the mysterious force that has commanded Klim to leave home, come what may.

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“The Inspirer” and “The Angel” are two short stories which are prequels to the Russian Treasures Series.



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