The Girl from the Labyrinth

Young Elizabella became queen when she was still a child, but she did not want to waste her life following boring conventions and attending dull balls that were never held in nightclubs.

Her preparations towards her escape from palace life were cautious and meticulous: with the help of video tutorials, she learnt how to fry eggs, operate a washing machine, and even navigate the subway. Elizabella dreamt of traveling the entire Supercontinent and meeting the different species of people, each endowed with their own amazing abilities.

Just before her escape, she meets the love of her life and soon realizes that she can’t leave him behind. However, the gods had already heeded her previous prayers. So, the Queen wants to abdicate from the throne? By all means, go ahead! There is a coup d'etat in the country.

Elizabella manages to escape but her boyfriend is captured and charged with her murder. She decides to save him, and in order to do this, she is even prepared to serve the mysterious people of the underground Labyrinth. Only they can cause the miracle that she so desperately needs to become a reality.

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While my novel is a work in progress, every week I will send you amusing stories about my Soviet childhood. I’m sure they will appeal to all lovers of speculative fiction. Back then, we lived in a weird yet fascinating world that resembled the backdrop of a dystopian movie.