I write about proud, resourceful and strong people who achieve anything they set out to do. They have a passion for life and the drive to succeed, and that is why I enjoy being in their company so much.

  • The Russian Treasures Series

    I worked on this series for twenty years, from 1997 to 2017. My heroine was a young woman who had to go through the Bolshevik revolution and the civil war. Nina Kupina taught me to never give up and find unexpected solutions in any situation.

  • The Supercontinent Series

    In 2020, I tried my hand at science fiction. My main character, the former Princess Ellie, helped me find the answers to the most important questions: “What is destiny?” and “What is real talent?”


About me

A story of the Russian-American novelist

I was born in the USSR, in 1975. My hometown, Nizhny Novgorod, was the third most populated city in Russia (after Moscow and Saint Petersburg), but it was rarely seen on the maps. There were way too many military plants, and our leaders prevented foreign spies from using globes and atlases to sniff out our secrets.